Audi 48 Features

Audi will increase the electrical device that he used, from 12 Volts to 48 Volts. Changes made will show any recent changes to facilitate technical devices associated with the development of automotive technology. This method allows the use of larger

Renault Captur Features

Renault Captur Features

Renault Captur Features Have you heard or saw Renault automotive products? Surely if you are automotive enthusiasts especially love the world racing pole or FI already familiar with this one car brand. Yes indeed the car brands that have a

Lexus RC F Carbon Price

Lexus RC F Carbon Price

Lexus RC F Carbon Price New a few months otomotif’s the world attention is wended on Lexus RC F. Car which first perform at Detrot Auto Show 2014 it is differentiated Lexus RC type with element affix F. Distinguishing element

Home Solar Electricity Set up Circuit for an Off-the-grid Living


The post illustrates a simple calculated configuration which may be used for implementing any desired sized solar panel electricity set up for remotely located houses or for achieving an off the grid electricity system from solar panels. The Request Dear

150 LED PWM Tubelight Circuit


The post discusses a 555 based PWM circuit which can be implemented as a 150 nos or more LED light intensity controller circuit. The idea was requested by Mr. Anil The Request Dear Swagatam Please help in designing the following

cars buying guide

Today dirt bike racing is becoming very well-liked by teens, fanatics, and professionals. However the kids today will also be into racing. While very young they have hold the passion and need for that sport. These kids use mini dirt

Forum share love storie

In the aggressive realm of the online dating, the chat rooms possess a significant role for the singles that are attempting to stick out from the countless dating profiles and to create a good impression. Being impressionable and observed inside

Andy1st driving school

As cars be complex and much more cars enter onto our streets, one factor remains constant – the requirement for proper driving lessons and driving schools. Certainly, cars are becoming a lot more safe. However, nevertheless, 1000′s of individuals still

Calculating Flyback Diode/Resistor for High Current Inductors


Whenever an inductor based load is involved in a DC circuit, incorporating a back EMF protection diode becomes imperative in order to protect the BJT or the mosfet responsible for driving it. We all know that just like capacitors inductors

How to Convert 3 phase AC to Single phase AC


The post discusses a circuit method through which a 3 phase AC can be converters to a single phase AC at any desired voltage. The idea was requested by Mr. ChaquitoThe Request Dear Home-made Circuits, You have a very nice